Gravity Torrent

Science fiction is going on in space, in orbit, 600 miles high. In it, a team of scientists and astronauts install new parts on the Hubble telescope when it’s alert: a cloud of debris is coming in high speed position. In minutes, the entire security of the ship is gone - and there are only Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Mission Commander, Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), helpless wandering through space.

Cuarón is here the type of film that is usually seen in low budget: only two characters who must overcome insurmountable situation. However extrapolates this idea - usually a creative minimalist solution for a tight budget - employing it for grandiloquent manner. And be visually breathtaking (especially in 3D), explosions in zero gravity and long and distressing plans uncut wandering inside out of the helmets of the characters as they discuss their situation.

Gravity is a technical treat. Switching between sound and silence amplifies the drama and the distressing soundtrack of Steven Price enters only at crucial moments. The animation (the film is almost all computer graphics) is perfect and realistic, and the tension is absolutely constant, since there is no time to breathe (even though the movie find in a hilarious Clooney, charming as ever). And Bullock gives a show like the rookie astronaut who has lost everything but who decides to live.

Esthete, Cuarón found in space and the graph control their September There are scenes of intense beauty and great significance, as the “rebirth” of Dr. Stone, especially the first, we see it for the first time as a woman, as a human, helpless outside the protective shell of uniform astronaut.

In tears without gravity, Cuarón appreciates the beauty of human frailty - and its toughness.